Töchter des Mondes - Sternenfluch (German Edition) Properties: With every step you take on Waterford’s lands and shores, you are acknowledging the thoughtfulness and foresight of other town residents who have gone before you and made a decisive gesture to preserve the character of our environment.

Land Trust Holdings (348 acres [330 owned]):  Click on the links below to see details about individual sites or detailed maps.  Click on this map for a printable version of our holdings (PDF).

Waterford Lots:
1. Powers Beach Tractmap, Emotional Dimensions of Educational Administration and Leadership , Sopra eroi e tombe (Letture Einaudi Vol. 22) (Italian Edition)
2. Handbook of Alternative Assets Molto più che Amici (Arcobaleno) (Italian Edition) , La sacralità della persona. Una nuova genealogia dei diritti umani (Italian Edition) , sum09
3. Chappell Beach Tract – Passions of the Cut Sleeve: The Male Homosexual Tradition in China , fall09, sum09
4. Enders Easement (private) – map, fall08, sum09
5. White’s Easement (private) – Overbite: Sfida all'ultimo morso (Italian Edition) , fall08, sum09
6. Lenhart Tract – map, fall08, sum09
7. Rovetti TractChristian Justice and Public Policy (Cambridge Studies in Ideology and Religion) , fall08, sum09
8. Rose Swamp – map, fall08, sum09
9. Madara Woods Tractmap, East and South-East Asia: International Relations and Security Perspectives (Routledge International Handbooks) , sum09
10. Kashanski Tractmap, Saga of Kings, Book 1: The Immortal Crown
11. Andrade Tractmap, fall08, sum08
12. Woodlands TractSchulsprachenpolitik und fremdsprachliche Unterrichtspraxis: Historische Schlaglichter zwischen 1800 und 1989 (Münchener Arbeiten zur Fremdsprachen-Forschung) (German Edition) , sum08
13. Ammirati Easement (private) – map, sum08
14. Avery Tract – map, sum08
15. Two Tree Islandmap, sum09
16. Devine Tract – map, The Truth Paradox: Why God is Real and Atheism Makes Sense
19. Oswegatchie Woods – map, fall08, sum09
20. Douglas Lane – map, sum08
21. Conover TractIch komme, um zu schreiben (German Edition) , sum08
22. New 2016!  Fitch’s Pond Tract map, Treffpunkt im Unendlichen: Fredric Kroll - Ein Leben für Klaus Mann.
Enthält aus dem Nachlass von Klaus Mann: The Chaplain - Windy Night, Rainy Morrow - The Last Day (German Edition)
Aydelotte Easement (for access to Fitch’s Pond Tract) – map

17. White Oak Preserve – map, sum08
18. Minson Tract – map, sum08

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