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Join Us – Your Support Matters

You can support us in so many ways! Join us to help care for our current properties and assist us as we strive to protect even more open space. Your support is the key to our shared vision for a continued rich and vibrant life in our local community.

Land protection and stewardship are a community effort. It takes all of us to care for these beautiful natural areas around us. In doing so, we give a gift to one another and to future generations. Thank you!

Give to the Waterford Land Trust and Become a Partner in Protecting Open Spaces

In wilderness is the preservation of the world.

Waterford Land Trust is a small ALL VOLUNTEER organization that depends almost solely on donations.  Our organization is committed to making a difference for future generations and with your support, we will be able to continue the work that our founders envisioned so many years ago. Thank you!

WLT operates solely on membership contributions. Your membership support counts a great deal and helps your local Land Trust carry out its mission in conserving lands throughout your community of Waterford. Furthermore, conserving habitats is only the beginning of our responsibilities – all conserved properties need continual oversight, management, and maintenance work to ensure a lasting legacy for you and future generations. Consider volunteering with WLT! All skill levels are welcome.

As a volunteer, private, nonprofit organization, WLT relies on individuals and families for its continued support throughout the five districts of Waterford. We invite you to both enjoy using our properties, which have trails open to the public, and become a member of WLT by downloading and returning the Membership Application. Also, if you can assist us, please indicate in which area(s) you would like to volunteer. As a member, you will be kept abreast of our activities through receiving our Newsletters and being able to attend our Annual Meeting held in the Fall of each year.

Please join us in helping to conserve and protect natural areas in Waterford!

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