Land Trust Holdings (348 acres – 330 owned):  Click on the links below to see details about individual sites or detailed maps.  Click on this map for a printable version of our holdings (PDF).

Waterford Lots:
1. Powers Beach Tractmap, fall09, sum09
2. Powers Tractmap, fall09, sum09
3. Chappell Beach Tract – map, fall09, sum09
4. Enders Easement (private) – map, fall08, sum09
5. White’s Easement (private) – map, fall08, sum09
6. Lenhart Tract – map, fall08, sum09
7. Rovetti Tractmap, fall08, sum09
8. Rose Swamp – map, fall08, sum09
9. Madara Woods Tractmap, fall08, sum09
10. Kashanski Tractmap, fall08
11. Andrade Tractmap, fall08, sum08
12. Woodlands Tractmap, sum08
13. Ammirati Easement (private) – map, sum08
14. Avery Tractmap, sum08
15. Two Tree Islandmap, sum09
16. Devine Tract – map, sum08
19. Oswegatchie Woods – map, fall08, sum09
20. Douglas Lane – map, sum08
21. Conover Tractmap, sum08
22. New 2016!  Fitch’s Pond Tract map, fall12
Aydelotte Easement (for access to Fitch’s Pond Tract) – map

17. White Oak Preserve – map, sum08
18. Minson Tractmap, sum08

Other site information:
Blank Monitoring Report Form

All persons entering onto Waterford Land Trust (WLT) properties do so at their own risk, and are solely responsible for their own safety.  WLT assumes no liability for any personal injury or property damage resulting from any public use of any WLT property.

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