Land Use Policy

Waterford Land Trust – LAND USE POLICY

We often have questions about the permitted uses on our properties. We will try to provide policy updates on this link. The primary intent of our Land Trust operation is to protect land in it’s natural or undisturbed state for water quality, air quality, and wildlife habitat.

Access: The properties we actually own are open to the public for hiking. Many of our properties do not have nearby parking or have difficult access over wetland features, but a few have good access and formal trails, examples are the Avery and Conover tracts and we are working on plans for the Fitch’s pond tract. Other lots are in sensitive areas where the primary focus is undisturbed natural space for wildlife. The private easements are not open to the public, their focus is protection of the land itself.

Hunting: We do not allow hunting our properties at this time. Hunting is a difficult policy to safely arrange given the open public use or our properties.

Motorized Vehicles: No motorized vehicles are permitted on our properties, they are simply too destructive to the trails and overall disturbance is magnitudes above passive use such as hiking. When we have reports of motorized use we contact authorities.

Solar and Wind Energy: Solar and wind energy projects are a recent pressure to the landscape and will not be developed on our properties or easements. The intent for energy production does not align with our purposes while the costs to habitat and forest resources outweigh the potential for carbon reduction (editors opinion – which is always right).

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