Powers Tract

The Powers Tract is part of a large meadow habitat maintained as a 5.3 acre field shared by three adjoining land owners and the Trust (see Map). The field borders Goshen Cove in Waterford, CT near Harkness Park. We own about 2.5 acres in the center.

We (Tom Bischoff) mowed the field December 3rd and 4th, 2020.

Follow this link to see an aerial video of the March 2107 mowing on YouTube:

Prior Mowings: August 2nd, 2019, March 25, 2017, (others to be added).

Follow the links below to view other images of the site.
1. Aerial of whole site (to North)
2. View to the South East
3. View to North East
4. View to North – Summer
5. View to North – Winter (after cut)
6. Fall Texture

Photographs by Joel Stocker

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