Powers Tract

Mowing the Powers Tract Aug 2, 2019 (click on the images for full resolution)

Powers Tract (by Goshen cove) December 7, 2016

The Powers Tract is part of a large meadow habitat maintained by three adjoining land owners and the Trust. We own about 2.5 acres in the center.  This tract is incredible coastal habitat.

The field was mowed August 2nd, 2019.

The field was previously mowed March 25, 2017. Follow this link to see an aerial video of the 2107 cut on YouTube:

Follow the links below to view other images of the site.
1. Aerial of whole site (to North)
2. View to the South East
3. View to North East
4. View to North – Summer
5. View to North – Winter (after cut)
6. Fall Texture

Photographs by Joel Stocker

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