P.O. Box 926, Waterford, CT 06385-0926

Jan Howell

Jan joined the Waterford Land Trust a year ago, wishing to join her new neighbors in protecting a small piece of our beloved and endangered planet. As a Univ. of Maine (B.S., Ed.) student years ago she fell in love with the University Forest, and  remained in rural Maine for over a decade. Then, living in the lower Florida Keys for nearly 40 years, she was active in preserving local shorelines for passive public use, and also was, for 8 years, a zone captain with the Center for Marine Conservation. From Nova Scotia to the Yucatan volunteers, while cleaning the beaches, were able to document and collect the hard data that resulted in the MARPOL agreement, the first international agreement to prohibit marine dumping.

“Now, back in my home state of CT, I am excited to learn about and help preserve this beautiful small corner of the natural world.”

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