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Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is Saturday April 22, 2023 

This year’s Earth Day theme is Invest in our Planet” and is designed to persuade businesses, governments, and citizens around the world  of the need to invest in our planet to improve our environment and give our descendants a better and safer future.” Since the first Earth Day in  1970, Earth Day celebrations have grown. In 1990, Earth Day went global, with 200 million people in over 140 nations participating—according  to the Earth Day Network (EDN), a nonprofit organization that coordinates Earth Day activities. Per EDN, in 2000 Earth Day focused on clean  energy and involved hundreds of millions of people in 184 countries and 5,000 environmental groups. Today, EDN collaborates with more than  17,000 partners and organizations in 174 countries with more than 1 billion people involved in Earth Day activities, making it the largest secular civic event in the world.” 

What Will You Be Doing for Earth Day? 

Consider Selecting One or More Environmental Practices to Adopt, not just for Earth Day,  but for Everyday Life! 

  • Compost your food waste ~ Conserve water ~ Pack out more than you pack in 
  • Incorporate reusable products ~ Donate old items ~ Ditch the plastic bottles 
  • Reduce your energy consumption ~ Plant a tree or, better yet, a grove! 

“The EARTH is what we ALL have in common” 

Wendell Barry

Join WLT and 20 other environmental organizations at Earthfest CT at McCook Park, Niantic on Saturday, May 13, from 11am to 4pm to learn more ways YOU can help the Earth!

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