P.O. Box 926, Waterford, CT 06385-0926

Minson Nature Preserve

Address: Thames Crest Rd., Montville
Acquired: 9/28/2000
Size: 18.3 acres


Donated by Gertrude Minson and her sister, Grace Minson Cole, in 2000.

Property Highlights

Two meadows, now overgrown with woody plants, are home to ancient apple trees.  Five old gravestones bearing the Stoddard name lie near a ledge located in the eastern stand of pines and oaks. Large spruce trees, planted in rows, are evidence that a Christmas tree farm was once here.  Several species of wildflowers, including trailing arbutus, lady slippers and adders tongue lend their exquisite beauty to the surrounding forest.  A narrow strip of land leading to a small tongue of rocky shoreline provides access to a lovely view of the Thames River.


A conservation restriction (dated 4/8/93) “does not grant the inhabitants of Montville, to the public generally…any right to enter the protected property; except representatives of the Grantee,…shall have the right to enter for the purpose of determining compliance with this conservation restriction.” 

Note:  The deed restrictions limit access to WLT board members only. No trails are on this property.



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