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Two Tree Island

Location: Long Island Sound
Acquired: 9/2/98

History & Property Highlights

In 1998, Two Tree Island was little more than an outcropping of rocks with a patch of green, and measured less than a mile in length. Today, it is more a reef than an island. Two Tree  provides a sanctuary for many migratory waterfowl in fall and spring and harbors many species of fish. Any trees that gave the island its name were likely blown down by the hurricane of ’38. Rumor does hold that years ago sheep were raised on this tiny island.

Unclaimed for years, Two Tree Island was acquired by WLT board member Chris Percy to protect it from use as a possible disposal site for dredged materials from area rivers and harbors. The first step was to acquire a quitclaim deed from the nearest property owner, George C. White. Following a 15-year waiting period, during which time anyone believing to be the proper owner could protest, Percy was granted the deed. Percy transferred responsibility of the island to the WLT in 1998.


By boat, from Pleasure Beach boat launch


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