P.O. Box 926, Waterford, CT 06385-0926

Virginia Kirk Conover Nature Reserve

Location: 28 Old Barry Lane
Acquired: 4/22/09
Size: 39.1 acres


Gifted by Dr. Lloyd Conover in memory of his late wife Virginia.  Dr. Conover led the development of tetracycline at Pfizer’s in 1952.

Property Highlights

Upon entering the reserve, one is greeted by a cool dark forest of 70+ year old spruce trees. This acreage was once operated as a Christmas tree farm by the Conover family.

The forest opens onto a several acre field which is mowed annually in late winter.  The hollow stalks of the perennials are a haven for overwintering solitary bees.  Mowing prevents the woody vines and shrubs from taking over.  Heading east along the border of the field one descends to a glen where there is a granite memorial bench for Virginia Conover.  The bench overlooks a small dam site. The woods are open here with little understory growth and easy to hike through.  Adjacent to the reserve is the Old Barry Farm (145 acres) owned by the town of Waterford.


Plenty of parking at the end of Old Barry Lane in the cul-de-sac.  Follow the paved road towards the TOW fenced-in maintenance area. The Conover sign is on the left.



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