P.O. Box 926, Waterford, CT 06385-0926

Tali Maidelis

Tali attended North Carolina State University where he earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering and received his officers commission in the USAF.  He was an instructor navigator/navigator in five  different aircraft.  After flying, he became a Civil Engineering Staff Officer and moved up to become the Squadron Commander of the Base Engineering Emergency Force at Westover ARB.  In his civilian occupations, he was a manufacturing and quality engineer specializing in new product development.

For over 30 years, Tali has volunteered to serve his communities in municipal land use.  He has served on the Inland Watercourses and Wetlands Commission, Conservation Commission (Secretary), Aquifer Protection Agency, and Planning and Zoning Commission (Chairman and Secretary).

“I have been a member of the WLT board of directors since 2019 and I am an advocate of preserving open space.”

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