P.O. Box 926, Waterford, CT 06385-0926

Joyce Luce

Joyce was born and raised in Waterford, CT. and is proud of the fact  that she has family roots in this area that date back to the 1600s.

She worked for over 30 years in administration at Connecticut College  during which time she and her husband Jim mentored students living in Earth House, a sustainable cooperative-living dormitory. The couple was instrumental in acquiring donated bicycles for Spokespeople, a student run group which repaired and maintained bikes for student use on and off campus. Joyce also assisted Jim with his efforts to create a small vegetable garden for Earth House, which over the years, morphed into a large CSA garden managed by the Botany department. The garden now provides social and educational spaces for students to practice gardening and gain hands-on experience in sustainable small-scale agriculture.

“I enjoy giving back to my community as a Waterford Land Trust board member. It is paramount to secure and protect open space in our community, available for all to use and enjoy.”

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